CIC Services Launches Captive Program for Small, Mid-Sized Businesses

CIC Services, LLC, has total a new module assistance small- to mid-sized companies settle serf programs for their business. The module is designed for companies that would differently not be vast adequate to cruise replacing blurb word with a captive.

The CIC Services Bundled Program allows an insured business to reinsure their stream blurb word premiums and keep adult to 40% of a reward or risk and also keep their existent word broker.

Captive word is a grave process of self-insurance that enables businesses and business owners to keep all or a apportionment of word profits. Insurance increase can be invested and lift over from year-to-year, creation a serf stronger financially and assisting control a cost of normal insurance. Captives can mostly accept auspicious taxation diagnosis to assistance them fast amass resources and detriment reserves.

Businesses that attend in a Bundled Program are not compulsory to squeeze a fractional share of an already determined organisation captive. Each participating business owns and controls 100% of their particular serf word company.

Designed to compare rate, boundary and process denunciation for existent blurb word policies, a insured business or serf owners is means to keep anywhere from 10 to 40% of a premiums and risk. The policies are released by a A+ rated conduit who also provides integrated reinsurance.

As a serf is unconditionally owned by a business owner, they also keep 100% of a underwriting distinction (premiums perceived reduction a claims and expenses) that can revoke a net cost of a businesses’ word program.

The Bundled Program is targeted towards:

  • Businesses that have a active risk government and detriment control program
  • Businesses that continue to compensate augmenting blurb word premiums with a low claims experience
  • Businesses that compensate a sum of during slightest $250,000 in total skill and misadventure premiums

CIC Services, LLC is a risk government consulting firm, specializing in a function of serf word companies (CICs).The association is formed in Knoxville, Tenn., and operates nationwide.

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