Cal/OSHA Cites Contractor After Workers Hospitalized for Valley Fever

Cal/OSHA has released critical health and reserve citations to Underground Construction Co. Inc. of Benicia, Calif. after dual of a employees engaged Valley Fever.

The workers were reportedly unprotected to a fungal illness while regulating palm collection to puncture trenches in Kings, Fresno and Merced counties—areas where a dirt is famous to enclose damaging spores that means a infection.

“When dirt is uneasy by activities such as digging, driving, or high winds, Valley Fever spores can turn airborne and potentially be inhaled,” Cal/OSHA Chief Juliann Sum pronounced in a statement. “Without a correct training, insurance and slackening procedures, workers are expected to be unprotected and get sick.”

Cal/OSHA was told in Sep 2018 that a employees were hospitalized after being diagnosed with Valley Fever, also famous as Coccidioidomycosis. Symptoms of a illness are identical to a influenza and embody fatigue, crispness of exhale and fever. Severe cases can means critical lung problems.

The workers were tasked with digging trenches adult to 5½ feet low to concede entrance to gas pipelines for maintenance. Dust was not controlled, and a workers did not wear any respiratory protection, Cal/OSHA found.

Exposure to a illness could have occurred in any one of a 3 counties where a fungal spores are famous to be endemic.

Cal/OSHA’s review found that Underground Construction did not weigh a jeopardy of behaving digging work in areas famous to enclose a coccidioides fungal spores. The employer did not conceal or control damaging dusts and unsuccessful to yield employees with respiratory protection. Cal/OSHA released 3 citations to a employer with $27,000 in due penalties.

Since 2017, Cal/OSHA has cited 12 businesses for work-related Valley Fever.

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