Foremost Auto Insurance Business Being Rebranded to Bristol West

Foremost Insurance Group, a member of a Farmers Insurance Group, pronounced a Foremost vehicle word book of business will be rebranded as Bristol West. The association pronounced this rebranding will be phased in over a subsequent several months and finished by a finish of a year.

“We trust a code change will concede for improved fixing of a patron use and claims doing operations, that will eventually raise a patron knowledge for Foremost and Bristol West policyholders,” pronounced Eric Kappler, boss of Bristol West.

Policies will continue to be offering by eccentric agencies via a country.

The rebranding will retire a Foremost name. Earlier this year, The Hartford acquired Foremost’s $200 million in tiny blurb lines reward sole by eccentric agents from Farmers. That transaction noted a exit of Michigan-based Foremost from a blurb lines business to concentration on a personal lines business.

Farmers has pronounced it will continue to write blurb lines accounts underneath a Farmers code with a disdainful agents, according to a company. Its automobile word business will now tumble underneath a Bristol West name.

Foremost has been offered personal lines word given 1952. Bristol West Insurance Group assimilated Farmers in 1973.