Police Say Intoxicated Driver Hit 41 Cars in Rhode Island

Rhode Island military have arrested a male they contend was pushing underneath a change when he struck some-more than 40 other vehicles.

Police contend 45-year-old Christopher Paolissi, of Foster, was “zig-zagging” his pickup lorry when he struck 41 vehicles in Providence on Tuesday afternoon.

Police contend Paolissi was intoxicated, and he was pushing about 15 mph when officers stopped him.

He was hospitalized with non-life melancholy injuries. No other injuries were reported.

Police Chief Hugh Clements says officers are compiling a “lengthy report” due to a series of vehicles hit.

Paolissi is confronting mixed charges, including pushing underneath a influence, forward pushing and disaster to stop after an accident.

His box wasn’t listed in state records, and it’s misleading if he has an attorney.

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