State Agency Shifts Focus as Medical Marijuana Demand in Oklahoma Rises

The Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority has temporarily sealed a patron use core to giveaway adult some-more staff to respond to a high volume of applications for medical pot cards.

The series of applications perceived per week rose from 1,200 in Sep to around 5,000 in February, group officials said. The agency’s routine requires a response to emails, requests and applications within 14 calendar days.

The management has reassigned a call center’s 3 to 5 employees from operative a phones to estimate applications full-time, KFOR-TV reported.

Melissa Miller, a Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority’s spokeswoman, pronounced a group also hired additional staff to residence a rising demand. The change allows them to respond to 300-500 some-more applications daily.

“We focused a staff efforts on estimate those applications,” pronounced Miller. “So, we’ve temporarily close down a call core to make certain we can routine those applications in a timely manner.”

Oklahoma has released over 65,000 medical pot cards given electorate authorized medicinal pot final June.

The preference quickly eliminates a widely used patron service. The call core answered around 1,000 medical pot inquiries each week before shutting in early February.

Jerry Flowers, owners of Urban Wellness Dispensary in Edmond, pronounced a change has his phones buzzing with questions about chartering since business don’t know who to ask.

“The miss of potency that a OMMA is operative during is causing a lot of problems for a lot of dispensaries,” pronounced Flowers. “It’s formulating a small bottleneck.”

Flowers pronounced a closure of a call core is generally restricting for patients who might not be web-savvy.

“A good apportionment of a patients are over 60, they don’t roller a web, though a OMMA requires them to do all online,” he said. “It’s a small frustrating for us and for a patients.”

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