Update: Truck That Exploded in Arkansas Was Carrying Ammonium Nitrate

A blurb lorry hauling a chemical ordinarily used as manure exploded Wednesday on a highway in Arkansas, murdering a motorist and formulating a large void in a road, authorities said.

The blast happened west of a city of Camden, or about 100 miles (160 kilometers) south of Little Rock. According to Arkansas State Police, a motorist had called 911 early Wednesday to news that his brakes had held fire.

The driver, 63-year-old Randall McDougal, attempted to extinguish a fire though was killed when a lorry exploded, authorities said.

“It looks like a explosve went off,” Camden Fire Chief Robert Medford told a Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. “There’s a large hole in a belligerent on where a lorry was at.”

State military pronounced that McDougal was employed by Blann Trucking Co. and was hauling ammonium nitrate from El Dorado to Texarkana in south Arkansas.

The Arkansas Department of Transportation pronounced crews would start repair a 15-foot (4.5-meter) void once a disadvantage from a collision was cleared. The influenced highway is a low-volume highway that carries about 1,300 vehicles per day, dialect orator Danny Straessle said.

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