Washington Woman Charged in Tiffany Bracelet Claim

Teri Simpson, 43, of Napavine, Wash., was charged in Lewis County Superior Court with second-degree burglary in tie with an word explain over an costly square of jewelry.

An review by Insurance Commissioner Mike Kreidler’s Criminal Investigations Unit shows Simpson filed a renter’s word explain with Grange Insurance in Jan 2018 for a mislaid Tiffany attract bracelet, valued during $2,400. Grange paid Simpson $1,320 for a bracelet.

Simpson told detectives she found a bracelet in her purse 5 months after she perceived a payment, though didn’t surprise a insurer of a recovery. Simpson’s renter’s word process enclosed denunciation saying that a association contingency be told if skill is recovered after a explain is settled, and a insured has a choice to keep a allotment income or a property, though not both.

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